Hristina Nikolovska

Manager, SEO Specialist, and Writer in Belgrade, Serbia

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But please, call me Tina...

Where do I start?

My first encounter with digital marketing was at the age of 19 as an agency’s content intern. Although writing has always been one of my biggest passions, I wanted to know more. So I started asking questions, trying to figure out the purpose of the things I was writing and what actually lay behind a site’s content strategy.

With the help of my educational background in English linguistics and literature, I started delving into the broad field of SEO and became infatuated with keywords, user intent, how to please different audience profiles, and a lot more.

Learning more and more by the day, I got to manage a team of people with various skill sets - from tech and design to content and quality assurance - launching and ranking sites across a variety of business models.

It was about this time when wanderlust kicked in, and I decided to start working on my own personal growth by traveling through Europe. After a couple of months roaming around and sustaining myself through freelancing, I realized my life lacked substance. And substance for me was being part of a team that created beautiful stories together.

However, job-seeking in the field of SEO after primarily writing and editing wasn’t a walk in the park. After much trial and error, I was discovered by the co-founders of a then-small team - who offered me the opportunity to prove my skills in the exact area of my expertise: Editor in Chief on a project dealing with website building, on its way to ranking number one. And rank it did.

One project led to another, mentorship turned into collaboration, and I was again managing and training a wonderful team of experts, all just as passionate about SEO as I was.

Our most recent endeavor - and one that I’m especially proud of - is Based on contemplative research into the factors and processes behind discovering the right SEO company, we have devised a methodology to help you easily choose the best one for you.

Now, at least a third of my average day is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of choosing the right SEO company for your business, while also promoting SEO Tribunal’s vision. And when I’m not, I still try to use every spare moment I get to write about the things I know best...